About the Deaf Wellness & Recreation Center American Sign Language Facility


What are the hours of the Deaf Wellness & Recreation Center (DWRC)?

Center operates from 8am to 4pm

DRWC Program runs for members from 9am-1:30pm. 

In the future there will be an afternoon shift available.

How much will these services cost?

The  Deaf Wellness & Recreation Center (DWRC) services are covered by Medicaid Managed Long Term Care Plans. We also offer fee-for-service option.

What types of activities are at the Deaf Wellness & Recreation Center?

Daily  activities are designed to keep our DWRC members active mentally and physically as well as maintain social interactions. We strive for ASL  friendly, positive and relaxing atmosphere. Please view programs and  services section of this website that DWRC offers to our members including special activities such as holiday celebrations, birthdays, and so  forth. We also welcome any new ideas, suggestions & feedback.  Contact Boris@dwrc.net

Will the Deaf Wellness & Recreation Center (DWRC) provide meals?

Yes,  the Deaf Wellness & Recreation Center (DWRC) will provide two hot meals and a snack to take home. We will adhere to individual dietary needs  such as diabetics, gluten free, kosher, vegetarian meal and so on. There is no charge for these meals. 

Will I have the transportation services from my home to the Deaf Wellness & Recreation Center?

Yes,  the Deaf Wellness & Recreation Center (DWRC) can arrange the  pick-up and drop-off transportation services from home to the center and  back at no cost. If you need this service, please contact our Transportation Department at (347) 662-3295.

How to Qualify for Services?

Please schedule One Day Pass visit at DWRC and we will be glad to give you a tour in American Sign Language and Tactile for Deaf and Deaf-Blind prospective members and explain your options, programs, services and the qualification process. 

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About the Other Services Available for you


I don't have Medicaid, how can I qualify for Medicaid?

Please schedule an appointment with Life Improvement Plan (LiP) representative to review your Medicaid Eligibility. If your income is too high to be qualified for Medicaid, then you can consider Pooled Trust option. Please discuss this with LiP Representative. LiP Representatives are fluent in American Sign Language.

Schedule an appointment with LiP Representative

What type of services does Life Improvement Plan (LiP) Provide?

LiP Representative can assist with any issues you might have including but not limited to: assist with Medicaid application, setting up the Pooled Trust account, assist with the process of enrolling the qualified individuals into Medicaid Managed Long Term Plan; refer to Deaf Wellness & Recreation Center for Adult Social Day Care Program, to Big Apple Homecare Agency for home healthcare services, to Mirabile Care for Primary Physicians home visits services. If you are looking for volunteering, training and an employment opportunities LiP can schedule group interviews. LiP representatives also can act as Designated Representatives, Court Guardians and POA for qualifying individuals; and many other services.

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What types of services does Mirabile Care Medical Center offer? And what is Healthcare Navigator?

Mirabile Care Medical Center offers comprehensive medical services also offers mobile services: primary physicians, x-ray, sonogram, lab work, nurse make home visits if you are wheelchair bound, bed-bound, home-bound, have health and mobility issues that prevents you from traveling to the medical facility. Healthcare Navigators at Mirabile Care Medical Center  are fluent in American Sign Language and can assist with coordination of medical services including pharmacy. Mirabile Care Medical Center also hosts weekly health education seminars and support groups for people who are diabetics, have asthma, heart issues who wish to improve their health.  Healthcare Navigators who meet with Mirabile members on a weekly basis to maintain member's health and wellness objectives. Staff can also assist with medical transportation arrangements from home to office and back.

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Do you have support services for the Deaf-Blind in NYC?

Deaf Wellness & Recreation Center (DWRC) has Deaf-Blind Program that runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There is also training available for for those who wants to work with Deaf-Blind. We are currently working with Hellen Keller National Center to develop a comprehensive support services and programs for Deaf-Blind NYC residents. You can request a Free Day Pass to visit DWRC and discuss with LiP Representative of how to set up services for Deaf-Blind. DWRC hosts Open House for Deaf-Blind on Last Tuesday of the Month.

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Can OPWDD Program participants also be qualified for Medicaid Managed Long Term Plan?

Individuals can't participate in two programs simultaneously. You need to assess each program's benefits and determine which program meets individual's needs more. It is a good idea to schedule a meeting with LiP representative and One Day Pass to DWRC, then discuss options. If you chose to enroll into MLTC, then LiP representative can assist with OPWDD disenrollment process as it takes 45-60 days to disenroll from OPWDD and another 45-75 days to enroll into MLTC.  

Schedule a free day pass to visit DWRC & meet with lip representative

I have some ideas for the Deaf and Deaf-Blind; can I submit my proposal?

We are open to any ideas and suggestions that will have a tremendous impact on the Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing and Deaf-Blind Community. Priority considerations are given to individuals who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deaf-Blind. We also welcome proposals from Children of Deaf Adults (CODAs) and Siblings of Deaf Adults (SODAs) 

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